About My Blog


This Blog will contain many-many pictures from my everyday life, it’s a life without television and whatever one can do instead of watching TV.  I don’t have the time to be DIY mom all the time, but we will always try, just to show how things are created from scratch.

I will also write about how easy it is to travel with children. I will travel around the world with my little girl Gloria Esmeralda, we will visit many beautiful country’s, meet different people from other cultures and find local places that makes the journey more interesting and exciting.

This is my way of sharing with you, our life in pictures

Let’s explore the world every day


Remember, my pictures my property.


Born in Montevideo Uruguay. My mother is from Uruguay and my Father is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I live in Copenhagen Denmark, Since 1983


– Degree in Fashion Design.

– B.A.  History of art and Visual Culture, University of Copenhagen 2010-2011

– Production Technologist 2014-2016 KEA

Work experience

– Light Point

– Hotel Bella Sky

– STAY Copenhagen

– Birger Christensen


– SAS,  Scandinavian Airlines

– Apair