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Hindu Temple in Dubai

The temple caters to the large Hinducommunity in the United Arab Emirates and is the only Hindu temple in that country. The temple complex comprises a Shiva and Krishna temple. The Hindu Temple is located west of the Dubai… Continue reading

Boca Juniors

I de fleste italienske familier bliver man født ind i en fodboldklub, det vil sige at man arver 🙂 at holde med den klub som familien holder med. I Glorias tilfælde ARVER hun… Continue reading

Apartment Therapy

Min favorit Hjemmeside/Blog, klikker forbi dem mindst 3 gange om dagen

Har lyst til at lave mit eget tapet

The Art of Wallpaper laver det smukkeste tapet. Her er lidt billeder af forskelliget tapet bla. chickens, countryside, pots and pans, twigs. Jeg synes selv deres trykkeri er SMUKT, får helt lyst til… Continue reading


You are not gonna belive this. But this fruit basket is handmade by a Lady who makes them as her hobby. I got one for my birthday, I Love it. Love the colors… Continue reading

From Russia with Love

Russia is one of my favorite places in the world. I love Russian literature, marvelous art, Beautiful language and there fantastic history. This part is dedicated to lovely Russia. Wool Shawl Pavlovo Posad shawls, produced in the… Continue reading

Think before you buy

Thank GOD for the internet. The internet opens the global market for more than 5000 Bolivian products. These markets would otherwise be unreachable to most of the around 150 artisans and small company’s… Continue reading

The Puppet show

This colorful handmade and hand painted string puppet is one of the finest examples of the most ancient and popular form of folk entertainment. This craft has been passed down through generations, and… Continue reading

Birdie Curtain

These colorful little birds wall hanging is handmade by tribals. Each string is sold separately and comprises of red, purple, green and blue birds, decorated with colorful beads, shells and bells at the… Continue reading

Let’s have lunch

Just another cool thing i just found. Bring your lunch box and ill bring mine .