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Piñata for my baby

I made this Hello Kitty Piñata for Little Frida’s birthday. It’s really easy to make. All you need is: -A big balloon -Newspaper -Wallpaper glue -Print the motive you want and glue it… Continue reading

Think before you buy

Thank GOD for the internet. The internet opens the global market for more than 5000 Bolivian products. These markets would otherwise be unreachable to most of the around 150 artisans and small company’s… Continue reading


The products are 100% genuinely handmade and made directly with the artesian from the Himalayan People. Buy from this site and support a good cause.

The Puppet show

This colorful handmade and hand painted string puppet is one of the finest examples of the most ancient and popular form of folk entertainment. This craft has been passed down through generations, and… Continue reading

Birdie Curtain

These colorful little birds wall hanging is handmade by tribals. Each string is sold separately and comprises of red, purple, green and blue birds, decorated with colorful beads, shells and bells at the… Continue reading

Farmors butik

And the madness continues. It’s not gonna be a blog about Grannys knitting only hehe but you have to see this, it’s the last one ill promise 😉 I am buying this lovely… Continue reading

Why Organic ??

Going organic helps to keep chemicals out of the air, water, soil, and most importantly – our bodies. Cotton seeds are used to feed the cattle we get our milk and beef from,… Continue reading

Grey Sheep

Gotland Sheep is an unique sheep breed, closely related to the endemic ‘Sheep Gute’ originating back to the times of the Vikings. The Colour of the Gotland Sheep Pelt is grey in different… Continue reading

Gypsy Queen

Another present for Gloria from her Gypsy family :-). This gorgeous sweater is from Peru but bought in Denmark. Can’t wait for the winter to come, I can picture her in this colorful sweater… Continue reading

Elefanten den må vi da ha’ med

I just love the Danish movie Lille Per. He’s got the sweetest little elephant named Bodil Kjær. We don’t have a name for Gloria’s elephant but here it is. You can buy this beautiful… Continue reading