Nøøøj mere til samvittigheden og til Glorias værelse, LOVE IT. Hængestol og blomsterkasse til Glorias værelse. http://www.fairtrading.dk/manufacturers/2/?page=1 Arbejderne hos HEEDs Handicrafts udgøres blandt andre af flygtninge, enlige, minoriteter og udsatte grupper. Produktionen foregår… Continue reading

The Women of Uganda

Denne skønne håndflettede taske lavet af bananfiber og palmeblade kunne jeg godt bruge på stranden eller hvis på opdagelse i by områder, hvor man ikke lige skal flashe sin YSL taske. Men vigtigst… Continue reading

Danish and English

My blog will in the future be written in Danish and in English. Maybe also in Spanish after our trip to Argentina and Uruguay.


You are not gonna belive this. But this fruit basket is handmade by a Lady who makes them as her hobby. I got one for my birthday, I Love it. Love the colors… Continue reading

I am still in a orange/brown kind of mood

here we go again. wallpaper and orange/brown color is all i can think about. I think this piece of furniture was the last one without paint or wallpaper. DO IT YOURSELF…IT’S SOOO EASY

Buy a colorful Cake

Some time ago a mum send me a picture of her first cake. Now only 1 month after her first cake and she can make this kind of cake……Beautiful If you want her… Continue reading

Knock on Wood

This is not homemade or handicrafts, but it’s WOOD….LOVE IT. http://olisan.dk/index.php

Let’s play house

Maybe only for girls 🙂 Miniaturehuset.dk has everything for your little girl’s first house. You can buy piece by piece and collect whatever you want for the little house, everything from the kitchen… Continue reading

Do It Yourself

Most of the things that I show on this blog are things that most people know how to do themselves, but sometimes its better to let the pros to it 🙂 Another creative… Continue reading


I didn’t think it would be difficult to make this blog, but it is because there are many cool/great/creative unique products out there what we never really hear about. The difficult part is… Continue reading