Lamparitas is one of the only Danish brands with the EU Flower certificate. Think before you buy that’s our motto, specially when you are gonna buy clothes for the little ones. We say… Continue reading

EU Flower

You all know that products with The EU Flower is a heart case for me. So I am gonna make a product list with all the products you can buy with The Flower,… Continue reading

All that fine wallpaper

I made another one, just to show you guys that its something everybody can do. It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Ballerina Girl

Louise Marie Otte made this beautiful Ballerina Girl paper sculpture. I have never seen a home like hers, it’s like a mysterious fairytale universe. Take your time an explore her world.

What Wallpaper can do

If you got something at home you Don’t really want to throw out but needs a ‘little’ change. Then do what i am doing with everything these¬†days :-). Buy some glue, the kind… Continue reading

Crafted with care

Today we received¬†a gift from Gotland, Sweden. It was the sweetest and softest baby body and per of socks in the best wool ever. It’s made by local women who owns a little… Continue reading